New stage of development
For the first time LEVIN took part to the Euroshop exhibition. The General Manager Andrey Levin told us about the first results and the perspectives of development.
The Euroshop exhibition for many years demonstrates the latest trends and the new achievements in the field of trade and commercial equipment, providing for the following years the direction of development to the European retail sector. It's not by chance that this event invariably attracts the attention of the representatives of the retail groups, included those from Russia.
For our company the participation to this important sector exhibition was the first exam on the international level. At first, the purpose of our participation was defined as: "let's go to Europe in order to better develop in Russia". We brought in Dusseldorf all our model range, included our last designs, realized specifically for the exhibition. Previously, all the novelties were announced in advance on our website, where even now it is possible to find detailed information about new models, which found their embodiment in our stand.
The results of the participation to Euroshop exceeded our best expectations. The products exposed attracted a great interest and deserved positive judgements not only among Russian visitors, but also among foreign potential customers.
This prompted us to the decision of creating an Italian company «LEVINEMEA», under the management of our Italian partner I. Pizzi.
The new branch is created for the achievement of two main tasks:
• First of all, to bring our products to the full compliance to the European standards under the supervision of an Engineering department specifically created within the Italian branch.
• Secondly, to start the sale of our products in Europe and in the countries of the Middle East. In the near future the start of a new project in Africa. Immediately after the exhibition we started working with new dealers in Israel, Cyprus and Baltic countries. At the moment there are negotiations with Turkish manufacturers of commercial equipment, who don't have within their range chest freezers, with the aim of joint cooperation outside Russia.
All this puts in front of us additional challenges, included the enlargement of the production area. From the end of last year we started building new departments and by the middle of this year we plan to increase our production capacity by 50%, which will allow to fully satisfy the request of our key Russian customers and new foreign partners.
The Euroshop exhibition 2017 fully confirmed the validity of the path we started toward further production modernization, enlargement of the model range and significant increase in the production capacity.

- Andrey Levin, Managing Director