Update in the entire range of chest freezers
Since Q1 2018 update got all LEVIN chest freezers.
General view of the control unit with plastic controller panel and perforated ventilation grille.
For easy and multiple access to the aggregate compartment, all elements are fixed screw connections.
The protective transparent panel of the controller is fixed with a screw. By loosening the locking screw, the panel can be easily removed inside.
The easily removable control unit mounted on a single platform provides access from the front side of the chest freezer to the controller (for connection of the monitoring system), circuit breaker and the power supply of the led illumination.
Easy removal of the bottom perforated panel opens the access to the hot gas defrost solenoid valve, drain hose and provides easy cleaning of the active condenser from the front side of the showcase.

The manufacturer reserves the right to implement these constructive improvements without further notice.

The implementation period is the 1st quarter of 2018.