PLANAI - medium temperature cabinet with cassette units, easy product overview and easy maintenance.
PLANAI - medium-temperature multideck freezer with cassette units is designed for the display, sale and storage of pre-frozen food. The model uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R290.

PLANAI has six or five display levels - a base shelf and five or foure rows of adjustable in height hinged shelves. Standard, it install baskets on the base shelf. Anti-fog doors coating provides excellent visibility of goods.

PLANAI has several full-fledged product display levels - a base shelf and four or five rows of hanging shelves that are height adjustable. The shelves are equipped with price tag holders and limiters.

Swing doors with anti-fog coating provide excellent visibility. The doors are fixed in the open position, which facilitates the loading of products.

The use of a cassette module allows you to significantly increase the usable volume and visibility by 30-40% compared to similar cabinets (with the bottom location of the unit). Such a constructive solution reduces the noise level and significantly reduces the time and cost of service maintenance, facilitates repairs and allows them to be carried out without shutting down the cabinet. Replacing the cassette module is carried out as quickly and simply as possible.
The model range is represented by three standard sizes: PLANAI 125, PLANAI 200, PLANAI 250.
  • Hinged glass doors
    Made on the basis of double glaze with external low-emissivity glass and internal glass with anti-fog coating
  • -1/+7 ̊С
    Medium-temperature mode
  • LED illumination
  • Any RAL color
  • Automatic defrost
  • Cassette unit
Standard exterior color at no extra charge
The internal design of the products does not change:
PLANAI – RAL 9016 White

*Manufacturer keeps the right to make technical changes on its products if necessary without prior notice.