CORTINA chest freezers intended for supermarkets with a limited sales area. Access to products is carried out on both sides, allowing the most efficient use of the store space.
Chest Freezer CORTINA with plug-in static refrigeration designed for supermarkets with a limited sales area. Due to the design of a chest, access to products is done on two sides, allowing you to maximize space store.

CORTINA is available in a dual-mode performance of LT/MT with the ability to switch temperature modes:

  • low-temperature mode -18/−24˚С
  • medium temperature mode -2/+6˚С

In the low-temperature mode (LT) intended for demonstration, sale and storage of pre-frozen food.
In the medium temperature mode (MT) intended for demonstration, sale and storage of pre-cooled products.

Chest Freezer CORTINA has low power consumption due to modern technological solutions, included with standard:

  • sliding lids of low-e glass with anti-fog coating.
  • LED illumination
  • hot gas defrost

Provides the long-term food storage in case of unauthorized power outage.
Does not require special installation.
  • Sliding lids
    Made of low e-glass with anti-fog coating
  • -18/−24 ̊С
    Low temperature mode
  • LED illumination
  • -2/+6 ̊С
    Medium temperature mode
  • Hot gas defrost
  • Any RAL color
*Manufacturer keeps the right to make technical changes on its products if necessary without prior notice.
Condensing unit
The condensing unit is configured with maximum accessibility to all nodes.
The unit slides outward for ease of maintenance.
Removable control unit
A removable control unit provides access from the front side of the freezer to the controller, circuit breaker and power supply of the LED illumination. Removable perforated panel gives access to a solenoid valve of hot gas defrost, drain hose and allows easy cleaning of the condenser from the front side of chest freezer.
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User manual
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