Pursuant to the requirements of Federal law dated 27.07.2006 No. 152-FZ "On personal data" (as amended), I, being a visitor of the website (hereinafter - "Visitor"), hereby freely, by my will and in my interest, give my consent to "KMZ" Limited Liability Company (hereinafter –"KMZ LLC"), registered address: Kostroma city, Moskovskaya str. 105, as well as to the persons processing personal data under the instruction of KMZ LLC on the basis of contracts (hereinafter - "Operators"), for processing my personal data provided by me when visiting the website, in particular, by filling-in the appropriate web-form on the above mentioned website (hereinafter - the "Website") sent (filled-in) by me using the Website.

Personal data means any information relating to me as a subject of personal data (hereinafter - "personal data"), including:

  • surname, name, personal e-mail and other information provided by me to KMZ LLC, in particular, during filling-in of the web-forms on the Website;
  • the source of access to the Website and search query information;
  • user device data (including resolution, version and other attributes that characterize the user device);
  • user clicks, page views, data entered in the fields, demonstrations and viewing of banners and videos;
  • data characterizing audience segments;
  • session parameters;
  • data related to the time of visiting the Website;
  • user ID stored in the cookie;
I express consent and allow KMZ LLC and Operators to combine personal data in the information system of personal data, and process my personal data either using automation facilities or without usage of automation facilities, including usage of Yandex.Metrica Internet services as well as using other software tools. More information related to Yandex.Metrica may be found on the page

I was notified and agree that the work with the personal data information systems is carried out by employees of KMZ LLC using the following processing methods, including, but not limited to: automatic verification of postal codes with the database of codes, automatic check of spelling of the names of streets, localities, clarifying the data by communicating with me (by post, email, telephone (including mobile communication), Internet), segmentation of the information base by specified criteria, periodic contact with me over telephone (including mobile communication), e-mail or Internet.

I was familiarized that:

this Consent for processing my personal data is given until the moment of achieving the objectives of processing the personal data, and the Consent may be revoked by me by sending an electronic statement to the e- mail address: The date of revocation is considered the next working day after the day of sending to KMZ LLC the electronic statement on revocation of the Consent for processing of personal data.

I have the right to access my personal data, to demand clarification (updating, modifying) of my personal data, as well as deletion and elimination of my personal data if processing of these data by KMZ LLC violates my legitimate rights and interests.

I undertake, in case of change of my personal data or information related to me, to inform KMZ LLC promptly about this.

This Consent is acknowledged by me and by KMZ LLC as my written consent for processing of my personal data according to article 9 of Federal law dated 27.07.2006 No. 152-FZ "On personal data".

By this Consent I confirm that I am the subject of the provided personal data, that the personal data are provided by me personally, and confirm validity, completeness and accuracy of the data provided, as well as the fact that the provided personal data do not violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation, legitimate rights and interests of third parties.

I understand that visiting the website, as well as filling-in the web-forms provided for this purpose on the Website by placing a mark ("checkmark") in the appropriate field, means my written consent with the terms and conditions described in this Consent and with the effective Confidentiality policy of KMZ LLC.

This Consent comes into force since the moment of my sending of personal data, in particular, by filling-in the web-form on the Website, and is valid either until achieving the objectives of processing of personal data, or until my revocation of my Consent for processing of personal data, whichever of these legal facts comes first.

I hereby acknowledge and confirm that I am familiarized and agree with the rights and obligations according to Federal law "On personal data" dated 27.07.2006 No. 152-FZ.

KMZ LLC has the right to change, supplement or update the text of this Consent in any part, at any time without prior notice. I undertake to regularly review the text of this Consent and check for changes in the Consent and the effective date of such changes, if any.

The effective version of the Consent is permanently available on the page of the Website by the link: