July 22, 2021
High-quality cooling at a great price – a new line of AURORA chest freezers
Serial production and taking orders have been started
"KMZ" ("LEVIN") plant announces the launch of a new product - a line of AURORA, AURORA PUSH chest freezers into serial production.

AURORA dual-mode chest freezer with a built-in refrigeration unit is designed for the demonstration, sale and temporary storage of pre-frozen or chilled foods.

• low-temperature mode: -18/-24 C
• medium temperature mode: -2/+6 C

AURORA chest freezer has a low power consumption due to advanced design solutions:

• sliding viewing covers made of low-emission glass with anti-fogging coating
• thermal insulation thickness: 80 mm
• LED lighting
• efficient coolant R290

AURORA chest freezer is simple and easy to use. The maintenance-free ROLL-condenser will allow to save on service.

The built-in LED lighting ensures an optimal overview of the foods placed inside.

AURORA chest freezer does not have an automatic defrost function, so it is necessary to defrost the equipment manually

In standard version

• reliable EMBRACO compressor from ASPERA.
• a set of grids and dividers
• the base color is RAL 9016.

The shockproof bumper is not included in standard scope of supply.

The model range includes products AURORA 250, 210, 200, AURORA TST, AURORA PUSH

AURORA chest freezer can be used in a version installed in front of wall, but the "island" installation in the trading floor looks the most impressive.

For the AURORA PUSH models, glass covers with a PUSH opening system allow two customers to choose a product from both sides at the same time, which significantly increases sales, especially during peak hours.

Just like other chest freezers from LEVIN, AURORA chest freezers can be equipped with superstructures with two rows of shelves — for displaying and selling foods that do not require cooling. The permissible load is not more than 100 kg per shelf.

You can find all detailedspecifications of the products on our website in the AURORA chest freezers section.