March 18, 2021
KMZ celebrated the 100,000th release of supermarket freezer!
KOSTROMSKOY MASHINOSTROITELNIY ZAVOD (KMZ) celebrated the 100,000th release of supermarket freezer! The anniversary freezer has been placed to the Belarusian partner of LEVIN - the ElitHolod company (Minsk) and will soon take its rightful place in the Dobronom retail network.

"The history of Levin refrigeration equipment started ten years ago and the first production of the supermarket freezer was completed in 2013. Today, LEVIN holds the reputation for producing top-quality equipment that matches the industry standards of the world leaders; however, LEVIN's competitive advantage lies within its fair price. The demand for LEVIN's equipment continues to grow including the demand for exports.", highlights Andrey Levin, General Director of KMZ LLC.

Customers become more and more demanding every year. We understand that in order to keep the production at the demand level, we must not stop. We are constantly working to ensure that our products fully meet all international standards for design, technical characteristics and performance. We continue to focus our work on the creation of new models with improved characteristics, replenishment of the assortment with models of different price categories "